Kurdish mother and her twins to begin prison sentence

yomamah.pngA Kurdish mother has been convicted for selling books related to Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). She is a new mother, her twins are 6-months-old. As a new mother myself, I can’t put into words how incredibly frustrated I have become over this news. Continue reading

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American University English teacher admits motivation for being in KRG is “purely financial.”


In a startling break from convention, New Zealand born American University English teacher Jodi Simpkins came out yesterday about her purely avaricious reasons for being in Kurdistan. “I am absolutely here for the money” Simpkins told our reporter, adding “I get paid a tonne of cash and don’t really have to do anything for half the year. It’s a no-brainer really”.

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Kurdish ‘spring picnics’ are a nightmare

trash.pngWhen spring arrives, so do the Kurdish version of picnics, which are akin to a “nightmare” for me. Our gleeful neglect and disregard for the environment is an embarrassment — while others look at our countryside they see a nation that fights for independence but disrespects the soil it seeks to represent. What good is our nationalistic sentiment when so many are keen on destroying it. Continue reading

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Oil companies are ruining the standard of living for villagers in Kurdistan

oil.pngWhen thinking about ‘villages’ what should come to your mind is greenery, refreshened scenery, cows, goats, horses but most certainly not bumpy roads and pollution. Ironically enough, in Kurdistan the only villages we pay attention to are known as ‘American villages’ and ‘English villages’ while forgetting our own villages. Continue reading

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Kurdish soldier reduced to tears

befunky_artwork.jpgKurdistan’s Regional Government (KRG) has failed to pay the salary of a significant number of Kurdish armed forces (Pêşmerge) although according to recent estimates, Southern Kurdistan contains around 45 billion barrels of oil – 6th largest oil reserve in the world.

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The limits of our moral outrage in Kurdistan

kki.pngThe case of a 16-year-old Kurdish refugee from Syria who was gang-raped and dumped on a lone street afterwards in Southern Kurdistan’s Hewler city was widely reported a few weeks ago. Continue reading

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16 year-old Kurdish-Syrian refugee gang-raped

k.jpgA 16-year-old Kurdish Syrian refugee was kidnapped and gang-raped by 6 men in Southern Kurdistan’s Erbil city. She is from the city of Kobane (also referred to as ‘Ayn al-‘Arab), and local news agencies have reported that she was repeatedly raped by 6 men while returning from work. Continue reading

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